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Climate change and its possible consequences for winter vacation destinations and associated regions constitute a new challenge for destination management. The project is dealing with this problem by addressing an interdisciplinary team consisting of social science and natural science research approach, planning backgrounds, and local stakeholders. We investigate the project in close collaboration with one selected winter sport destination, the tourism region around Schladming in Styria, Austria.

Specifically, this project

  • evaluates the effects of climate change by considering the local differences of the  study area;
  • studies the spatial and the historic development, as well as regional statistics;
  • analyses the preferences of winter tourists including the possible effects of the media on public opinion; and
  • adapts the Tourism Optimisation Management Model (TOMM) in Europe for the first time.


TOMM is a management instrument for tourism regions, which integrates local knowledge, result of climate change modeling, market research, local and regional quantitative data, and provides therefore the basis for any strategic regional decision. The adaptation of the framework will consider the challenge of changing requirements for tourism regions, e.g. climate change or varying visitor’s structure. Furthermore, it involves the local stakeholders into a bottom up approach and ensures a sustainable development of the region. The results and the participatory developed scenarios for the future will provide profound knowledge in the discussion about the future development of the tourism region.   


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